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Stay Safe on the SLC Website16 Mar 2015
Information on on-line safety and safeguarding at SLC.

Safeguarding27 Sep 2017
Safeguarding is a term used to describe the duties and responsibilities that those providing a health, social or education service have to protect individuals from harm.

Safeguarding Team17 Feb 2015
Report any concerns or worries that you have to your tutor or a member of the Safeguarding Team.

Fees & Finance09 Aug 2016
Information on fees and finance for Adults (19+).

Fees & Finance09 Aug 2016
Information on fees and finance for School Leavers.

The Professional Pod17 Feb 2015
The Professional Pod is an area dedicated to students that are on professional and Higher Education courses.

Professional Qualifications09 Aug 2017
Awarded by professional bodies, these qualifications give you the chance to gain valuable on-the-job experience through vocational training to work in a specific industry or job.

South Leicestershire College Student Life 22 Sep 2017
Studying here gives you the chance to meet new and friendly people in a welcoming learning environment.

Browse Courses at South Leicestershire Courses16 Mar 2016
South Leicestershire College offers apprenticeships, vocational, part-time, adult and degree courses to students in Leicestershire

South Leicestershire College Student Support 06 Apr 2016
Studying at South Leicestershire College offers students the chance to meet new and friendly people in a welcoming learning environment.

The Eating Place06 Apr 2016
Details of our Refectory

University Level Courses at South Leicestershire College11 Aug 2017
We've delivered degree level and professional courses for many years and offer high quality, flexible study in a caring and supportive environment.

South Leicestershire College Further Education Choices04 Feb 2016
FE Choices gives you the opportunity to try out a variety of subjects in college at the same time helping you to gain more confidence, work in a team and to develop independent study skills.

Apprenticeships: what do we offer?06 Jan 2017
Apprenticeships available at South Leicestershire College

Welcome to South Leicestershire College08 Sep 2016
We provide education and training in Leicestershire with over 6,000 learners, we offer a great range of courses.

Part-time Courses29 Sep 2017
We have a huge selection of part-time courses available in a variety of subjects, we will have a part-time course that is perfect for you.

South Leicestershire College Course Information02 Oct 2017
South Leicestershire College offers apprenticeships, vocational, part-time, adult and degree courses to people across Leicestershire

English and Maths Hub25 Sep 2017
Qualifications and skills in English and maths are valued most highly by employers and are crucial to your future prospects at College, University, work, training and life in general.

Qualifications Level Chart17 Feb 2015
Levels of qualifications offered and the progression routes available at SLC.

Advanced Learner Loans10 Jul 2017
These loans help you to pay the tuition fees charged by colleges and training organisations.

Strategic Plan11 Oct 2017
This is our strategic plan. We have listened to employers, local communities, learners and staff to develop these strategies to help us make a positive difference to the communities we serve. - See more at:

Training options for employers22 Aug 2017
Employer options and the benefits of choosing SLC.

South Leicestershire College Services for Students and Public12 Jun 2017
South Leicestershire College has a number of facilities open to students, staff and members of the public.

General Information13 Nov 2015
Information on SLC policies, publications and website use.

Prize T&C's19 Oct 2017
Recruitment Process & Non Student Feedback - Prize T&C's

Introducing the College Corporation26 Oct 2015
Corporate and Governance Information.

Our Principal06 Apr 2016
A welcome message from Marion Plant, the College Principal & Chief Executive.

Contact Details05 May 2017
Contact details and locations of the College.

Information, Advice & Guidance06 Apr 2016
Information, Advice and Guidance

Looked After Children & Care Leavers06 Apr 2016
Support for Looked After Children and Care Leavers

The Construction Workshop06 Apr 2016
Details of our Construction Facilities

The Engineering Workshop06 Apr 2016
Details of our Engineering Workshop.

Enrichment25 Jul 2017
Details of our student enrichment programme

Leicestershire School Leavers06 Apr 2016
School leaver course options and apprenticeships and the South Leicestershire College student experience

South Leicestershire College Apprenticeships06 Mar 2017
Pursue your dream career with an Apprenticeship!

South Leicestershire College Parents/Carers Information05 Sep 2017
South Leicestershire College can ensure your son/daughter is on the right track, whether they want to go on to university, further training or full-time employment.

Transport18 Sep 2017
Information on SLC contract buses and subsidised transport.

Facilities15 Jun 2016
View the wide range of modern facilities at our South Wigston Campus.

South Leicestershire College Nursery - Wigston05 Jul 2017
Information on our Day Nursery for children whose parents are either studying or working at SLC.

The Therapies Suite28 Jan 2016
Information on our Therapies Suite.

The Salon12 Sep 2017
Information on our Hair & Beauty salon.

Policies & Procedures04 Nov 2016
Dowload SLC policies and procedures here.

Additional Support17 Feb 2015
More information on support provided to students.

Finance09 Aug 2016
There are many options available for financial and welfare help. Our Admissions team is ready to help you to explore what financial help is available to you.

Equality & Diversity28 Jan 2016
SLC is proud to be chosen by people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Student Involvement17 Feb 2015
South Leicestershire College believes that that student involvement is central to the development of the college's strategic direction.

The Equality & Diversity Group17 Feb 2015
The Equality & Diversity Group aims to promote equality, diversity and inclusion at SLC.

Apprenticeship Vacancies 01 Feb 2017
f you're 16 or over and you're looking for paid on-the-job learning, an Apprenticeship job could be for you. Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes combining paid training with nationally recognised qualifications.

Apprentice Case Study - Charles Davis17 Feb 2015
Customer Service Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Charlotte Neal17 Feb 2015
Administration Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Rochelle O'Hara17 Feb 2015
Human Resources Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Marcus Immins17 Feb 2015
IT Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Oliver Newcombe17 Feb 2015
Business Administration Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Sam Watson17 Feb 2015
Marketing Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Charlotte Bee17 Feb 2015
Human Resources Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Katie Neale17 Feb 2015
Business Administration Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Kyonnah Price17 Feb 2015
Customer Service Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Stephen Clayton17 Feb 2015
Finance Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Apprentice Case Study - Sam Hancock17 Feb 2015
Painting & Decorating Apprentice - South Leicestershire College

Case Studies17 Feb 2015
Case Studies (Adults 19+)

How to Apply10 Jul 2017
Details on how to apply for a place (HE).

Apprenticeships with SLC06 Jan 2017
Options for employers considering taking on an Apprentice and the benefits of choosing SLC.

Choosing the Right Course17 Feb 2015
Options for your child.

Why Choose SLC?17 Feb 2015
The benefits of studying at SLC.

FAQs17 Jul 2017
Answers to some commonly asked questions.

Your Options17 Feb 2015
Options available to the School Leaver.

Why Choose SLC?17 Feb 2015
More information on the benefits of choosing SLC.

Choosing the Right Course17 Feb 2015
Find information here to help you choose the right course.

Student Experience25 Jul 2017
More information on what you can expect of the student experience at SLC.

Cookie Policy17 Jul 2017
Information about the cookies used by this website

Wiggle Radio08 May 2017
Wiggle Radio is developed and designed by students at South Leicestershire College.

Mission, Vision and British Values10 Jul 2017
Mission, Vision and British Values for South Leicestershire College

Student Union25 Jul 2017
The Student Union promotes the interests and welfare of Students at SLC during their course of study.

Accessibility06 Apr 2016
South Leicestershire College are openly committed to providing a positive and rewarding experience for all users of our website.

Governance and The Corporation23 Feb 2016
Who are we and what do we do?

Current Members22 Jul 2016
The Corporation comprises governors from a variety of backgrounds whose experience, knowledge, skills and strategic leadership make a vital contribution to the College's continuing development.

Joining the Corporation26 Oct 2015
We want to hear from people who may be interested in becoming a Corporation Member.

Corporation Documents22 Jan 2016
Our important documents are listed here.

Corporation Meetings and Public Access22 Jul 2016
Committees meet regularly to focus on specific areas of Corporation business.

How We Listen to the Voice of Students and Staff26 Oct 2015
Our Corporation must publish its arrangements for listening to the voices of students and staff at the College about what our College does, its strategic direction and its activities.

How to Apply05 Mar 2015
SLC application options for you.

Term Dates & Times09 May 2017
Term Dates 2016/2017 and 2017/2018

HNC and HND Courses10 Jul 2017
HNC Courses and HND Courses are work related qualifications, usually studied full or part-time over one or two years, that focus on vocational learning to help you gain the practical training and skills you need to progress into employment or go onto study at university.

Courses for adults and 24+ Loans02 Dec 2015
Take advantage of 24+ Advanced Learning Loans with courses starting in January 2016

Celebration of Achievement02 Aug 2017
The Celebration of Achievement is North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire’s annual awards ceremony and graduation

Access to Higher Education17 Jul 2017
Access to Higher Education courses are designed to help those who don't have the right experience or traditional qualifications a route to progress onto degree-level study

How an Apprenticeship worked for me: case studies25 May 2016
We deliver a variety of Apprenticeships across a wide range of sectors

Get in Go Far with Apprenticeships18 May 2016
The government has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of Apprenticeships and their benefits

Foundation Learning04 May 2017
foundation learning

School Leavers' Guide10 Oct 2017
South Leicestershire College School Leavers Course Guide

Business Apprenticeships17 Oct 2016
In a competitive, ever evolving market, it's vital for businesses to work efficiently. Our business-focused Apprenticeship programmes are designed to help you address skills gaps and develop talent within your organisation.

Open Events16 Oct 2017
Are you making choices about your future? If so, visit South Leicestershire College (SLC) to find out how we can support you on your path to your dream career.

Distance Learning Courses22 Aug 2017
Distance and Blended Learning courses with North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College

Free training for your business28 Sep 2017
Free training for SMEs in the Leicestershire area

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