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Toni Fazaeli Receives Inspiring Leadership Award

Thursday 5th June 2014

A South Leicestershire College governor has received this year’s national award for Inspiring Leadership.

Toni Fazaeli, chair of South Leicestershire College and former Chief Executive of the Institute for Learning (IfL), was given the award by The Women’s Leadership Network.

WLN Conference 2014 - Jacquie Mutter, Toni Fazaeli, Chris AsshetonPicture: Toni Fazaeli receiving her award from Jacquie Mutter and Chris Assheton

Whilst Chief Executive of IfL, Ms Fazaeli successfully campaigned for a change in the law allowing further education teachers and trainers with Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status to be recognised as qualified to teach in school settings. Teachers with QTLS enjoy the same pay and conditions as qualified school teachers in schools, and the same professional status as schoolteachers with Qualified Teacher Status.

This gives career flexibility for further education teachers, and means that schools and colleges can readily work together on joint courses for pupils whether in the college setting or the school setting.  This is good news for young people in Leicestershire and opens up possibilities for new courses.

Toni Fazaeli said, “It is a great honour and privilege to receive this award. I am proud to be associated with the Women’s Leadership Network and its work encouraging career progression. It has helped to raise awareness of the need for equality of opportunity throughout a sector where nearly two-thirds of the teachers and trainers are women.”

“I am also very proud of IfL’s impact on the way the sector thinks about leadership of learning and recognises further education teachers and trainers as dual professionals who are expert and stay up to date in their subject or vocational area, as well as in teaching methods.”

Marion Plant OBE, Principal and Chief Executive of South Leicestershire College said: “Toni is an inspiring leader who has made and continues to make a massive contribution to the development of both teachers and learners here and nationally. We are delighted that she has recently become Chair of Governors here at South Leicestershire College.”

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South Leicestershire College governor has received this year's national award for Inspiring Leadership.
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