Business Apprenticeships: the benefits

Katy Urwin, Director of Apprenticeships at South Leicestershire College discusses the top three reasons why business Apprenticeships can benefit local organisations:

They are ideal for all sectors
“No matter what the sector, all organisations need effective business functions, from accounting, administration, IT, management, marketing and customer service.

“Business Apprenticeships are available across all of these areas and more, meaning employers can choose a programme that matches their training needs.”

A cost effective training option
“Apprenticeships are ideal for employers of all sizes who want to either upskill current staff members or recruit new employees into their organisation.

Funding is also available depending on the framework/standard and size of the organisation, with incentives for those employing Apprentices aged 16-18.

“Our Business Development Team provide advice and guidance on how to make the most of Apprenticeship funding available.”

A loyal workforce
“A total of 92% of employers taking on Apprentices noticed a more motivated workforce (

“Apprentices gain first-hand experience of the job role but also become familiar with the individual organisation. They build relationships with colleagues and customers and understand the culture and ethos.

“Our current Business Apprenticeship offer covers:

For those looking to employ a Business Apprentice, contact the College:

0116 264 3545