Apprenticeships: incentives for small businesses

Debbie Scotton, Business Development Manager at South Leicestershire College discusses how small employers can make the most out of Apprenticeships as a training option.

“The Apprenticeship levy has been a major media focus throughout the launch of the new reforms, with employers with an annual PAYE bill of £3million or more now paying into their accounts.

“But what about those on the other end of the spectrum - small employers, i.e. those with fewer than 50 staff members?

“These businesses are also eligible to receive a number of incentives if they employ an Apprentice who is:

“In this case, their 10% contribution will be waivered – the government will pay 100% of the costs. These businesses will also receive a £1000 payment.

“In order to meet eligibility criteria, these organisations must have employed an average of 49 or fewer employees in the 365 days before the apprentice is recruited. The recruitment of one or more Apprentice must not take this average number over 50.”

“Here at South Leicestershire College we are working with a range of small businesses to ensure they make the most of the government funding available. As part of our free recruitment service we can complete an organisational needs analysis and design a programme to match specific training needs.”

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