New Apprenticeship Consultation released

Last week saw the release of the Government’s Institute for Apprenticeships Consultation. The long awaited release details how the new Institute will ensure Apprenticeships are meeting the needs of business and the wider economy.

Debbie Scotton, Business Development Manager at South Leicestershire College discusses:

“The new Institute will essentially be responsible for ensuring Apprenticeships are delivered to a consistently high standard. Specific focus will be on the new standards, supporting employers who are developing them, ensuring an efficient approval process and also monitoring that each standard has been ‘examined by an independent third party.’

“Under the new reforms, all Apprenticeships will require an end point assessment which will be delivered by a separate provider. The Institute for Apprenticeships will also check the consistency of these assessment centres.

“Among other duties they will also provide advice on the allocation of funding and will report of the progress on the system as a whole.

“This new Institute is a welcome development. As a training provider we hope the introduction will allow Apprenticeship to shake off their ‘poor relation’ image and establish themselves as a valid, effective route to employment and career progression.

To find out more about the Apprenticeship reforms, contact the College: 0116 264 3545 or email 

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