Apprenticeships myth buster

Apprenticeships are big news at the minute. With major reforms and the levy coming into force next April, they are dominating the headlines, however there is still some misunderstanding about what they actually are and why they are beneficial.

Debbie Scotton, Business Development Manager at South Leicestershire College discusses some of the common misconceptions about Apprenticeships:

‘Apprenticeships are for non-academics’
“Although outdated, this still seems to be the view held by many. Once only available in certain trades, Apprenticeships are now available across a huge range of sectors, for example, here at the College our offer covers Business Administration and Management, Accounting and Engineering as well as Health & Social Care, Transport and Logistics and Hair and Beauty.

‘I’m too old to be an Apprentice’
Apprenticeships are available to all ages; many employers use Apprenticeships as an effective way to upskill current staff members, encouraging internal progression and developing a motivated and loyal workforce.

‘They are a way for businesses to get cheap workers’
This is definitely not the case. Apprenticeships are designed to close skills gaps and meet the needs of individual organisations resulting in long term career prospects for those completing an Apprenticeship. Although there is a national minimum for Apprentices, many employers pay more, with the aim to keep them on and encourage them to climb the career once they complete their programme.  

To find out more about employing Apprentices, including South Leicestershire College’s free recruitment service, contact the Business Development Team: 0116 264 3545