Calls for English and Maths Skills to be Improved in the Workplace

John MorgansA National Consortium of Colleges and Providers have joined together at a special event in Parliament to highlight the importance of literacy and numeracy in the workplace.

John Morgans, Chief Operating Officer at South Leicestershire College and North Warwickshire & Hinckley College attended the event in Parliament to support a National Consortium of Colleges and Providers (NCCP) campaign and alert local businesses to the potential funding available to provide basic literacy and numeracy training in the workplace.

NCCP, which the Colleges are part of, launched a major national campaign in Parliament entitled: For Business, For Life.

John said: “This is a fantastic initiative that is genuinely going to benefit individuals and businesses across the UK. We are extremely proud to be involved and look forward to seeing the results.”

Harvey Young chair of the NCCP group and one of the group’s founding members said: “The low level of adult skills inevitably impacts on the success of the UK economy as a whole. As education leaders, we have to come together to highlight this important issue so that we can actually do something about improving the English and maths levels in this country.”

The parliamentary launch event was sponsored by Business Innovation and Skills Committee member, William Bain MP.

Mr Young added: “I am thankful to William Bain for sponsoring this very important event which brings the key stakeholders from the further education sector together to promote firstly the existence, and then benefits of English and maths training to employers.”

Together, as the NCCP, colleges and training providers are reaching out to business leaders in every sector, to tell them about the advantages of their employees receiving training in English and maths.

John Morgans, added: “I encourage all interested employers to call the enquiry line on 0330 111 9885 or visit the NCCP website at to find out how they could benefit from the £50 million worth of funding which is available to all businesses, to help them improve their employees’ literacy and numeracy skills.”