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Floristry & Horticulture

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CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
N0320Introduction to Floristry02/04/201914/05/2019Nuneaton Campus
N0303Introduction to Floristry26/02/201926/03/2019Nuneaton Campus
N0301Introduction to Floristry15/01/201912/02/2019Nuneaton Campus
N0305Introduction to Floristry21/05/201925/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
N0300Introduction to Floristry06/11/201804/12/2018Nuneaton Campus
N0322Introduction to Floristry03/04/201915/05/2019Hinckley Campus
N0321Introduction to Floristry27/02/201927/03/2019Hinckley Campus
N0326Introduction to Floristry16/01/201913/02/2019Hinckley Campus
N0327Introduction to Floristry22/05/201926/06/2019Hinckley Campus
N0319Introduction to Floristry07/11/201805/12/2018Hinckley Campus
N0318Introduction to Floristry19/09/201817/10/2018Hinckley Campus
N5005Introduction to Floristry (April)01/04/201920/05/2019South Wigston Campus
N5004Introduction to Floristry (March)25/02/201925/03/2019South Wigston Campus
N5003Introduction to Floristry (Jan)14/01/201911/02/2019South Wigston Campus
N5001Introduction to Floristry (Nov)05/11/201803/12/2018South Wigston Campus
N5000Introduction to Floristry (Sept)17/09/201822/10/2018South Wigston Campus
N0295Introduction to Floristry18/09/201816/10/2018Nuneaton Campus
N0170Level 1 Diploma in Floristry 10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
N0170Level 1 Diploma in Floristry 09/09/201926/06/2020Nuneaton Campus
N0325Level 2 in Floral Design (part time, evening)18/09/201826/02/2019Nuneaton Campus
N5007Level 2 in Floristry (Part Time Evening)17/01/201927/06/2019South Wigston Campus
N0329Level 2 Certificate in Floral Design (part time, evening)20/09/201823/05/2019Nuneaton Campus
N0005Level 2 in Floristry10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
N0005Level 2 in Floristry09/09/201926/06/2020Nuneaton Campus
N0260Level 3 Diploma in Floristry10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
N0260Level 3 Diploma in Floristry09/09/201926/06/2020Nuneaton Campus

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