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CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
E5075BPO Cert in Introducing Caring for Children and Young People L201/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
E5075BPO Cert in Introducing Caring for Children and Young People L210/09/201716/06/2018Other- Off Site
M5063BPO Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5053BPO Certificate in Care & Management of Diabetes01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5055BPO Certificate in Dignity & Safeguarding01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5065Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5062Certificate in Principles of End of Life Care01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
D5072Certificate in Understanding Retail Operations01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5054BPO Certificate in Common Health Conditions01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
D5069BPO Certificate in Equality & Diversity01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5066BPO Certificate in Information, Advice & Guidance01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5056BPO Certificate in Infection Control01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
D5068BPO Certificate in Business & Administration01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
D5070Certificate in Principles of Customer Service01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5059Certificate in Principles of Dementia Care01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5237Certificate in the Principles of Care Planning L201/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
D5073Certificate in Team Leading Knowledge01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5058Certificate in Understanding Safe Handling of Medicine01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5060Certificate in Working with People with Mental Health Needs01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5061Certificate in Understanding Nutrition & Health01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5057Certificate in Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
M5064Certificate in Understanding Autism01/08/201631/07/2017Other- Off Site
D5246Health Link Services - ESF12/09/201630/06/2017Workplace
D5220Highfields Community Centre - ESF12/09/201630/06/2017Workplace
D5240Leicester College - ESF12/09/201630/06/2017Workplace
D5243Loughborough College - ESF12/09/201630/06/2017Workplace

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