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CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
D5034AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (AQ2016) Day Group26/09/201710/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5207AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (AQ2016) Evening Group25/09/201709/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5035AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (AQ2016) Day Group21/09/201705/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5208AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting (Day Group)28/09/201705/07/2018South Wigston Campus
W5006Advanced Apprenticeship in Marketing10/09/201716/06/2018Workplace
D5142Advanced Apprenticeship in Business Administration10/09/201716/06/2018Workplace
D5161HNC Diploma in Business 1 Year - UCAS Code: N10210/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
D5054CIM Level 4 Award in Marketing28/09/201721/12/2017South Wigston Campus
D5055CIM Level 4 Award in Integrated Communication11/01/201822/03/2018South Wigston Campus
D5056CIM Level 4 Award in Digital Marketing12/04/201805/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5214CIM Level 6 Professional Marketing: Award in Digital Strategy19/04/201805/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5213CIM Level 6 Professional Marketing: Award in Mastering Metrics11/01/201822/03/2018South Wigston Campus
D5065CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR Management (top up)25/09/201721/12/2017South Wigston Campus
D5204AD4 CIPS Advanced Diploma in P&S: Unit AD4 Category Management in Procurement and Supply 17/05/201812/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5203AD3 CIPS Advanced Diploma in P&S: Unit AD3 Improving the competitiveness of supply chains15/03/201810/05/2018South Wigston Campus
D5202AD2 CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply Unit AD2 Managing Risks 23/11/201718/01/2018South Wigston Campus
D5205AD6 CIPS Advanced Diploma in P&S: Unit AD6 Operations Management in Supply Chains 25/01/201808/03/2018South Wigston Campus
D5184D1 CIPS Diploma in Procurement and Supply – Unit D1 Contextx of P&S21/05/201802/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5083D5 CIPS Diploma in Procurement & Supply - Unit D5 Managing Contracts and Relationships12/03/201830/04/2018South Wigston Campus
D5057D4 CIPS Diploma in Procurement & Supply: Unit D4 Negotiating and Contracting 22/01/201826/02/2018South Wigston Campus
D5190D3 CIPS Diploma in Procurement and Supply – Unit D3 Sourcing20/11/201715/01/2018South Wigston Campus
D5232CIPS Professional Diploma in Corporate & Business Strategy PD223/11/201718/01/2018South Wigston Campus
D5235CIPS Professional Diploma in Programme & Project Management PD525/01/201808/03/2018South Wigston Campus
D5233CIPS Professional Diploma in Strategic Supply Chain Management PD315/03/201803/05/2018South Wigston Campus
D5234CIPS Professional Diploma in Supply Chain Diligence PD424/05/201812/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5101Intermediate Apprenticeship in Accounting10/09/201716/06/2018Workplace
W5025Intermediate Apprenticeship in Marketing10/09/201716/06/2018Workplace
D5104Intermediate Apprenticeship in Team Leading10/09/201716/06/2018Workplace
D5107Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration10/09/201716/06/2018Workplace
D5218AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting (Day Group)10/09/201729/06/2018Workplace
D5038CIPD Level 3 Certificate in Human Resource Practice28/09/201711/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5052CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Certificate in HR Management25/09/201711/07/2018South Wigston Campus
D5353Level 1 Access Award in Bookkeeping22/01/201819/03/2018South Wigston Campus
D5329Professional Accounting / Taxation Technician Level 4 Apprenticeship Standard10/09/201729/06/2018Workplace
D5269Assistant Accountant Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard10/09/201716/06/2018Workplace
D5331Digital Marketer Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard10/09/201729/06/2018Workplace
D5206Full Time Study Programme in Accounting (AAT Accounting Fast Track)10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
D5016Level 3 Full-time Study Programme in Business (Year 2)10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
D5029Level 2 Full-time Study Programme in Business10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
D5024Level 3 Full-time Study Programme in Business (Year 1)10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus

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