Equality & Diversity

Equality and Diversity

Equality & Diversity Manager: Chris Nixon

SLC is proud to be chosen by people from a wide range of backgrounds. We work with parents, learners, staff and community partners to ensure we are inclusive and fair.

We are committed to celebrating diversity and aim to provide an environment in which people treat each other with respect regardless of;

We have researched, developed and consulted on a single equality scheme which demonstrates our commitment to equality and diversity for all people learning and working at the College.


In Your Eyes

We are pleased to invite you to watch “In Your Eyes”:

This is a film made by staff and learners at SLC; it delivers powerful messages about equality, diversity and inclusion and aims to help us all to improve our approach in celebrating differences and working with people. Learners and staff talk about the impact of feeling excluded at different times in their lives and give practical tips as to what helped or hindered them and how an inclusive service should be managed.

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