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Qualifications and skills in English and maths are valued most highly by employers and are crucial to your future prospects at College, University, work, training and life in general.

At SLC you’ll continue to develop your skills in English and maths as part of your Study Programme. If you haven’t yet achieved a Grade C or above in GCSE English or maths, you’ll attend timetabled classes to support you to achieve these important qualifications.

We’ll make sure that you’re placed on the most appropriate qualification by carefully assessing your current level of skills.

Before starting your course, you’ll complete an initial assessment which shows the overall level at which you are currently working. You’ll also be asked to complete a more detailed diagnostic assessment which will identify your strengths and the areas that you need to improve.

Depending on the outcome of your diagnostic assessment, you’ll either go straight onto a GCSE programme or build up your skills by first studying qualifications in functional skills.

In addition, your tutors will check that you’re able to apply your skills and knowledge of English and maths to your vocational area of study. For example, they’ll make sure you’re familiar with any specific vocabulary and terminology used in your vocational area.

Your tutors will also check the written work you produce on your course for the correct use of English. Spelling mistakes and errors in grammar and punctuation will be identified and your work will be given back to you to correct.

No matter which course you choose to apply for or whether your goal is to progress into a job, an Apprenticeship or on to Higher Education you will need to demonstrate good levels of English and maths. At SLC we will ensure that you continue to develop these skills and will support you to achieve these vital qualifications.


The English and Maths HubEnglish and Maths Hub 

Get help with your English and maths in the English and Maths Hub! 

What can the English and Maths Hub offer you?


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The support is delivered by English and maths specialists and is open to anyone enrolled at the College.

The Hub is situated on the second floor.